Tax Planning

Tax Planning does not imply Tax Evasion by fraudulent means, but by proper tax planning, which is a basic duty of every individual. A basic tax planning exercise involves three steps:

  • Calculate your taxable income under all heads
  • Calculate tax payable on gross taxable income for whole financial year using a simple tax rate table
  • After you have calculated the amount of your tax liability. You have two options to choose from:
    a. Pay your Tax
    b. Minimise your tax through prudent tax planning

Most people rightly choose the second option. However, they are not sure, if it is the best plan.

Welcon conducts a prudent Tax Planning is a rigorous process of comparing various tax saving schemes, depending upon age, social liabilities, tax slabs, preferences, asset mix, risk appetite, liquidity and horizon which shall reduce the tax liability to the minimum.

Statutory Compliance Management

Compliance is a must do for business of every type, including professionals regardless of the size or purpose. The effective management of compliance risk constitutes an imperative part of a company's risk management policy and consequently of its entire internal control system. On the basis of this comprehensive approach, Welcon offer interdisciplinary advice on varied organizational and legal requirements, providing standardized and customized solutions which include:

  • Company Formation
  • GST Registration & Filing
  • Professional TAX, ESI and PF Registration & Filing
  • Easy remittance of statutory payments